CNN Declares That It Is Racist For President Trump To Fight Against The Murderous MS-13 Gang

CNN’s Margaret Hoover tried to explain on Anderson Cooper’s show that if you want to fight against the brutal murderous M-13 gang, then you are a white supremacist. This is shortly after CNN gave a sympathetic interview to some MS-13 members and claimed that President Trump is helping their cause.


“Trump was there to highlight the existence of criminal gangs,” said Hoover about Trump’s speech to police officers in New York. According to her, what Trump “was actually doing is he was highlighting the existence of a criminal gang that is South American, El Salvadorian.”


She explained that MS-13 members “are individuals from other countries, sometimes there are citizens of the country, sometimes they’re not, of course Americans citizens get caught up and every violent criminal who is here should be deported, and they are on borrowed time.”


She then explained that President Trump was attacking MS-13 as a way to appeal to white nationalists.
“But there is a political move here to highlight … people who aren’t white, I think minorities, and to feed part of this really white nationalist, political support of Donald Trump,” she said.


“And if this overstates, I think, what the real problem is, we have violent crimes and criminal gangs here in the United States as well full of white people … This really wasn’t a law and order speech in that sense. This … really had a political undertone,” she said. Is CNN getting more and more ridiculous?

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